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The Many Expressions of a Husky [via]

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I hate feeling like this. but I bring it upon myself..
i just want to know if u can see this going any farther. I’m not asking u to marry me. I’m asking you to think about the possibility and whether it’s something that makes you feel happy or scared.
I’m not trying to corner you, control you, or manipulate you, I just wanna know whether you feel the same way about me as I do about you.
why is that such a hard topic to talk about it. I know you probably don’t wanna hurt my feelings er sown thing, but my feelings will hurt more if you lead me astray and then say you didn’t really mean it…again…


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sometimes I wonder if I even had any friends…

this is what I am afraid you are thinking, which is why i just stopped trying to figure out why you hate me so much now….
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sometimes I have these moments where I just bust out crying cuz i feel like literally no one likes me, or even wants to be around me. they just all pretend to just to not hurt my feelings…